Linköping – an introduction to the diocesan history

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The Diocese of Linköping has been in existence for more than 900 years. The churches, built at various periods of history, outstanding personalities and fascinating events, stand not only as reminders of an invaluable tradition of enormous proportions in the history of Sweden, but also of early and continuous international influences and modern day societal and ecclesiastical realities.

The Swedish history of Christianity is irrefutably essential to understanding not only a specific ecclesiastical heritage, but also the general cultural, social, judicial, economic and political history as well, since the Christian Church remained a driving force in Swedish society for so many centuries.

This volume is the first introduction of the diocesan history in English and is only a brief presentation of the eventful, critical and remarkable diocesan history. Nevertheless, it is also a valuable introduction to the history of the province of Östergötland and, to a certain extent, to the ecclesiastical history of Sweden.